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IMS White Paper – Reproductive milestones across the lifespan and cardiovascular disease risk in women

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for women across the developed and developing world. Beyond traditional cardiovascular risk factors, a number of reproductive milestones have been recognized. The goal of this White Paper, issued by the International Menopause Society in conjunction with World Menopause Day 2023, is to highlight female reproductive milestones in terms of potential cardiovascular risk and to review recommendations for minimizing that risk.

The primary milestones discussed relate to menstrual cyclicity, adverse pregnancy outcomes, breast cancer treatments, and menopause. Each of these categories has a number of permutations that have been shown in observational studies to be associated with increased cardiovascular risks. In current clinical care, recognition of these reproductive milestones has been encouraged so patients can be informed and motivated to engage in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease early in their life course rather than retrospectively later in life.

Options for specifically targeted care with specialist teams are designed to enhance success with risk identification, screening and possible detection of CVD, and optimally, primary or secondary prevention of CVD. Promoting cardiovascular health of women has far reaching effects for themselves, their families, and their progeny. It’s time to make women’s cardiovascular health a priority

See a PDF of the full paper here

The paper is also available via Climacteric.

Content created October 2023

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