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AMS Congress

The Australasian Menopause Society holds a scientific meeting (Congress) each year.

The AMS Congress involves plenary lectures, interactive sessions and panel discussions.

These meetings are planned three years in advance, building on the topics and experiences of past successful annual scientific meetings as well as drawing on the outcomes of recent research.

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HP eNews

The AMS publishes a regular email newsletter, HP eNews, for doctors and other healthcare professionals who have a special interest in women's health. The content covers information and resources relevant to menopause, midlife and the promotion of healthy ageing.

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Menopause Essentials Update

Menopause Essentials Update

Menopause Updates are a new initiative of the Australasian Menopause Society in response to requests from many GPs for up to date evidence based information and guidance in managing women’s midlife health issues including menopause. 

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The International Menopause Society has provided access to their Educational Slide Kit for AMS Members.

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Content updated August 2020