Membership Applications 2021

AMS Member application process

Health professionals with an interest in the many issues affecting women as they approach menopause and beyond, are invited to apply for membership of the Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) by submitting this form with their payment. This information will be used only by AMS in matters related to membership.

Membership, including benefits, is for one year or three years from the date of payment.

Each month, the AMS Board receives and reviews applications for Membership. Approved applicants are notified of the successful outcome of their application and provided with immediate access to AMS benefits.

View the Membership types for which you may be eligible.

Full Membership | Associate Membership | Student Membership

Australian Membership
International Membership
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Membership types 

Full Membership 

Eligibility for AMS Full Membership, means you must:

For Australian Full Membership - AUD$185.00 1 year | AUD$499.00 3 years 

For International Full Membership - AUD$175.00 1year | AUD$450.00 3 years

Associate Membership

Eligibility for AMS Associate Membership, means you must:

For Australian Associate Membership AUD$92.50 1 year | AUD$249.50 3 years

For International Associate Membership AUD$84.00 1 year | AUD$225.00 3 years

Student Membership

Eligibility for AMS Student Membership, means you must: