AMS eNews Special - World Menopause Day 18 October 2015


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16 October 2015

World Menopause Day 2015

The White Paper: Individually modifiable risk factors to ameliorate cognitive aging: a systematic review and meta-analysis summarises the literature and evaluates evidence on common, modifiable risk factors for cognitive ageing that are largely under the individual’s personal control and can be implemented in midlife or later.


Learn more about what you can advise women (and men) about reducing the risk of memory loss as they age, and simple lifestyle changes that can help them to help themselves to maintain brain health and alertness.


Whilst most individually modifiable risk factors have not yet been adequately studied, some interventions that can be self-initiated by healthy midlife and older adults may ameliorate cognitive ageing.


Results suggested that the Mediterranean diet supplemented by olive oil and tai chi exercise may improve global cognition, and the Mediterranean diet plus olive oil and soy isoflavone supplements may improve memory.

Cognitive training may have cognitive benefit as well.


What comes to mind – menopause and the ageing brain?  Available Sunday 18 October. 

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