Health Professionals

The Australasian Menopause Society welcomes doctors and other health care professionals who have a special interest in women's health in midlife and menopause, and the promotion of healthy ageing. We provide a range educational material to assist you and your patients to manage their health.

Book Reviews

AMS members review relevant health titles.

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Cochrane Reviews

Cochrane Reviews investigate the effects of interventions for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in a healthcare setting. They are designed to facilitate the choices that doctors, patients, policy makers and others face in health care. Most Cochrane Reviews are based on randomized controlled trials, but other types of evidence may also be taken into account, if appropriate.

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The AMS holds an annual scientific meeting featuring internationally recognised experts participating in plenary lectures, interactive sessions and panel discussions.

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Information Sheets

Information concerning menopause and midlife health issues in a concise format.

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GP and HP Resources

Scientific articles, information and videos relevant to the management of the menopause.

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Information concerning menopause and midlife health issues in a comprehesive format.

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Position Statements

The Australasian Menopause Society (AMS) is a scientific society with over 700 members from scientific, medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, paramedical and lay backgrounds interested in menopause education and research. It rigorously assesses issues that may arise in management the menopause and publishes a position statement where required.

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Self Assessment Tools

Information and tools to assist in understanding and assessing risks factors for breast cancer and cardivascular disease.

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Studies published

Studies that the AMS consider to be important.

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Content Updated May 2016