A Randomised Trial on MonaLisa Touch for Postmenopausal Vulvovaginal Symptoms

Description of Study

We are inviting eligible patients to be part of our MonaLisa Touch trial at the Royal Hospital for Women. 

MonaLisa TouchTM (MLT) is a new treatment for women with vulvovaginal symptoms that involves treatment of the vaginal lining with tiny pin-point laser applications with the aim of restoring the skin to a state similar to that prior to the menopause.

The aim of this trial is to examine the effectiveness of MLT for the treatment of vulvovaginal symptoms and provide high quality information to guide women with vulvovaginal symptoms as to their best treatment options.

If the study proves that MLT is a safe and effective treatment for vulvovaginal symptoms, all women in the placebo group will be offered MLT after the conclusion of the study. There will be no charge to any study participants for the MLT treatment.

Inclusion Criteria

Do you have post-menopausal patients suffering from:

Ethics Approval 

Department of Gynaecology, Royal Hospital for Women HREC ref no: 15/330

Geographical location of study

The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney


A/Prof Jason Abbott

Contact details

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FAX (02) 93826246

Phone 0491 231 771

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Content updated January 2017