Vaginal health after breast cancer: A guide for patients

Key points

  • Women who have had breast cancer treatment before menopause may develop a range of symptoms related to low oestrogen levels, while post-menopausal women may have a worsening of their symptoms.
  • These symptoms relate to both the genital and urinary tracts.
  • A range of both non-prescription/lifestyle and prescription treatments is available.
  • Discuss your symptoms with your specialist or general practitioner as they will be able to advise you, based on your individual situation.

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Why is oestrogen important for vaginal health?

What symptoms occur with changes in vaginal health?

How are these symptoms related to my breast cancer treatment?

How can I minimise irritation to the vagina?

What treatments are available?

Sexual issues after breast cancer treatment

Sexual problems occur in many women who have had treatment for breast cancer, and you may feel the need to obtain professional help for these difficulties.

Here are some things that might assist:

Prescription treatments for vaginal health

Further reading

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