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  • World Menopause Day

    World Menopause Day

    Bone Health
    18 October 2021

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  • AMS Congress

    AMS Congress

    26-28 November 2021
    Adelaide, South Australia

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  • AMS Webinar

    AMS Webinar

    What’s new - The use of testosterone in women
    Available for viewing now

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  • Early Menopause and POI

    Early Menopause and POI

    Management resources for women
    and their health professionals

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  • Health Information

    Health Information

    Find an AMS Doctor, news,
    self-assessment tools and videos

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  • Health Professionals

    Health Professionals

    Menopause management resources,
    news, position statements

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  • Menopause management

    Menopause management

    AMS supporting women through
    midlife health and the menopause

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  • AMS eLearning

    AMS eLearning

    A benefit for AMS Members
    webinars, case studies
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  • Menopause Videos

    Menopause Videos

    Explaining issues women
    worry most about

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AMS Congress

AMS 2021 Congress

Join us in Adelaide from 26-28 Nov for the 24th Annual AMS Congress. Share experiences and knowledge gained as we have all adapted in our approaches to Midlife and Menopause issues across the pandemic. Go to Congress page.

AMS Webinar available to view

AMS Webinar What's new The use of testosterone in women

AMS is pleased to bring you this webinar on the use of testosterone therapy in women. For GPs, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. 
Learn more here.


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AMS eLearning

AMS eLearning Website

AMS eLearning is free to register with low cost courses (free for AMS members). Access webinars, case studies, quizzes and other learning that attract 2020-22 CPD points.
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Health Professionals

Health professionals

Health Professionals includes AMS Congress updates, information sheets, menopause management resources, news, position statements, a selection of studies published, NAMS videos and more... See Health Professionals.

What's New | Features

What's New | Features

View the latest articles available on the AMS website. See What's New here.

View articles, resources, position statement or events of particular interest. See Features here.

Our Menopause World January 2015

Sharing Menopause

The IMS launches patient information videos on YouTube – a new practical guide to managing the menopause

The IMS is pleased to announce a series of seven short, easy-to-understand videos, which will be launched on YouTube on 5th January 2015, to specifically help women access simple, relevant and credible information about the menopause and counteract the misleading information often found on social media sites. The videos cover a whole range of issues surrounding the menopause, including the issues women worry most about: weight gain, treatment safety, and sex after the menopause.

Rod Baber, President of the IMS, who is one of the presenters, commented: “The internet is a great source of information, but it is also a great source of misinformation, particularly where health is concerned. The IMS is the most authoritative global body dealing with the menopause, so we have a responsibility to make sure that good, reliable information is available to women going through the menopause.”

The information is also presented by IMS Board members, Susan Davis and Anna Fenton. The videos are short, running from 4 to 13 minutes and each one covers a specific menopausal subject in bite-sized form, so they can be viewed separately to address specific issues, or together as a good educational package.

All these videos will be available to the public free of charge and can be viewed or downloaded by:clicking here. The series comprises the following films:

1. What are the symptoms?
2. How will it affect my health?
3. What is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (HRT)?
4. Is Menopausal Hormone Therapy (HRT) safe?
5. Complementary therapies
6. Treatment options
7. Will it affect my sex life?

All feedback from members will be gratefully received and, if this is successful, we would welcome any suggestions for further topics to be addressed using the video format.

New Year address from Rod Baber, President of the IMS

An address and update from IMS President, Rodney Baber, is now available on the IMS website. He shares his thoughts on his action-packed first 6 months as the 12th President, outlines the plans for the many new global educational initiatives in development and the vision for the next World Congress in Prague in 2016. This address is available on the IMS website home page or click on this link.



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